Thursday, January 30, 2014

Myrlyn's Gate by Dan Ehl

Vlad came from a long line of evil men.  They loved killing and torturing people, and the dungeons were well used.  Vlad was raised mostly by his mother and he learned about love and kindness.  When he takes over the realm all anyone knows is that the Dragol line is evil.  Telling them he's not like that doesn't do him a bit of good.

The author sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy in ebook or print form.

I have to say that Mr. Ehl could be writing stories just for me.  They are the type of fantasy that I love to read.  I've read his Jak Barley adventures and this is a different side of the story.  I had mentioned in my review in the past that I wanted to know about Lorenzo.  I know a bit more, but I get the feeling you never really know Lorenzo.  He just is and can do amazing things and he's handy to have around when you're on a quest.

Vlad meets a princess who is on a quest to save the world.  He's one of those prophesied to help her, so he agrees to help.  Everything is pretty calm so far, but once they start on the quest, it gets exciting real fast.  They go to find the young men who are part of their team and end up running from Rovers.  Luckily, there's  dragon in the barn that can be used for escape.

A dragon healer and a magician's apprentice may not be much, but they are part of the quest.  If things aren't bad enough in this world, they have to go through Myrlyn's Gate to get the stone they need to destroy.  OK, that sounds reasonable.  But when they go through, they end up in present day Wisconsin!  

The story moves along well and  has all kinds of unusual characters. While it sounds like it's incongruous and mixed up, it's really a very good story.  Everything fits together and makes sense when you read about it, no matter how strange it might sound summed up.

If you like action fantasies with heroes and dragons and magic and even a troll, you'll enjoy this story.  I know I did and I plan to keep my copy of this book in my personal library.  I'll read it again.

Happy reading.

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Elizabeth said...

I don't read fantasy, but this book sounds fun.

ENJOY your week, and thanks for sharing.

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