Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Big Sky Christmas by William W Johnstone

Jamie never meant to get into a bar fight but when a drunk tries to take him on, he fights back.  The second tussle ends up with the drunk getting a broken leg.  Jamie isn't feeling sorry for him; he could have stayed down the first time.  Then he finds out he was the wagon master for a group going to Montana at the wrong time of the season...

Pinnacle Western sent me a copy of an ARC for review (thank you).  The book was published in November, so you can find a copy at your local bookstore now.

Jamie is at loose ends now.  He's avenged his wife's death, his children are grown and having children of their own, and he doesn't live anywhere permanent.  When the Rabbi in the wagon train begs him to offer his services scouting, he's not sure he wants to take it on.  However, the wagon captain knows how to use his pride against him, and before he knows it he's said yes.

Every wagon train has its characters but this one has more odd ones than most!  The Rabbi is a pretty nice guy, but the Reverend is strict, mean and opinionated.  He's cold in manner and believes the Rabbi worships a false god.  He also is unforgiving with his children.

Then there's a young man who robbed a train and is trying to go straight and a young woman who was an actress and singer who is running from a moneyed man that wants to own her.  Traveling through Indians, over cattle ranches, and fighting snow should be enough for any wagon party but they have two batches of enemies coming after them.  One group is trying to recover the bank robbery proceeds, the other is trying to capture the beautiful young woman again.

This is an authentic look at what travel was like when you used oxes and wagons to get around.  It was hard work and they moved from dawn to dusk, trying to beat the weather.  Mr. Johnstone always takes you back to cowboy days, when the gun spit justice.  This is a good western, why don't you take a trip to Montana with Jamie?

Happy reading.

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