Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Alpine Xanadu: An Emma Lord Mystery by Mary Daheim

Emma and Milo are back and Alpine has another murder.  Emma wasn't sad to see him dead, but she didn't like the talk that said she might be the murderer...

Ballantine Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this ebook for review (thank you).  The book will be published at the end of January, so watch for a copy then.  If you've been reading this series, this book keeps the action going.

Emma and the Sheriff are dating and are very serious about each other.  Unfortunately, crime keeps the Sheriff busy and Emma's reporting keeps her busy, so they don't see as much of each as they would like.  The Sheriff's daughter keeps coming home to him with mental health issues, and that doesn't help either.  Will their love survive these difficulties?

When Wayne Eriks is found dead next to his van, everyone assumes he died from electrical shock.  The autopsy shows otherwise and what was an accident turns into murder.

This is a small town set in rural Washington and the people in the town all know each other and protect each other.  Trying to find the murderer is a sensitive issue and even when they identify the murderer, do they want to charge him? 

This is a light mystery that reads quickly and I found myself hoping Milo and Emma could create a life together.  Their sometimes rocky confrontations reminded me of my husband and myself.  I enjoyed this read, why don't you give a try?

Happy reading.    


pogosplace said...

Are we doing a contest?

Jo Ann Hakola said...

This one was a temporary ebook download for review, so no. When I get print ARC's I do offer those. Wish it was so I could share it with you, Helen.

pogosplace said...

Well, I get it on my calendar to start watching the library.

Thanks . . . was just thinking it was time for another Emma, the other day.