Monday, January 21, 2013

Romance of the 3 Djinn by J A Pak

This is a fantasy story that can be read by young adults and adults both.  I enjoyed the tale and think you will, too.

The author provided me with a copy of her ebook as a gift and I'm reviewing it because I like the way Ms. Pak's words flow.  You can buy a copy on Amazon or Smashwords now.  It comes in ebook form or print.

The author's words lilt across the page, drawing you into the story of Esmene and her search for someone like her.  When she discovers a boy she's drawn to that has eyes like hers, she thinks she's found love.  What she has found is her heritage.  She's part Djinn (as is he) and while she's lived on earth for sixteen years, she has a past she didn't even know existed.

The story includes time travel, unusual worlds, two men who love her, and war in the Djinn world.  I had trouble envisioning a happy ending, but I was content with how the author handled it.

Be careful.  It's really not safe to fall in love with a Djinn.

Happy reading.   

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