Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What About Cimmaron? Lauraine Snelling

Mt. St. Helen's is erupting and they have to evacuate NOW!  Only the family and the dog are able to move that quickly and Sarah is very worried about her horse...

BJU Press and Net Galley allowed me to download an ebook of this story for review.  This book has been published and you can find it on Amazon for Kindle or here: 

I lived in Washington when the mountain blew and know exactly how the Toutle River Valley looked after the mud flow from the mountain eruption.  Reading this story made me cry several times from memories.  If anything, the damage done was down-played in this story, but it is written for middle grades so I understand why the author did that.

Sarah loves her horse and wants to go back after him right away.  When they go to check on the livestock, they find the cattle but don't see Cimmaron.  Then Sarah's father falls, breaks his leg, and ends up in the hospital.

Sarah is angry at God for what has happened and gets even more anxious about her horse.  When Sarah decides to take things into her own hands to rescue her horse, things get even worse.  This is a test of Sarah's faith and a time of coming of age for her.  She almost goes too far and has to make amends for her actions.  And the worst part is that she still hasn't found her horse... 

A story of a natural disaster, a lost horse and a lost faith, it was easy to keep reading and see what happens next.  I found myself saying "Oh, Sarah..." here and there.  Grab yourself a copy and see how Sarah comes to terms with God and life.  You'll also learn about the volcano and mud flow along the way. 

Happy reading. 

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