Friday, July 13, 2012

Heart of Stone by M L Welsh

Verity and her family are living happily near her Grandfather's mansion.  Wellow is a pleasant place and she can sail almost every day.  She wonders about the white sand she keeps seeing, but she doesn't worry about it much.  She should...

David Fickling Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to download and read this ebook.  You can grab a copy of the book next week at your local bookstore.

It's a fantasy tale mixed with witches, magic, love and hate, and a bit of greed.  Verity's story first began in "Mistress of the Storm".  I didn't read that book and had no trouble picking up the story line in this book.

Ms. Welsh writes a fast paced story with mystery and mayhem intertwined.  Verity has two special friends, Henry and Martha, and they've spent the summer together.  A little conflict in romance comes to play when Jeb returns to the island.  Henry is not happy to have Verity's attention taken from him.

This is written for young adults and it's a great adventure story for them.  I think I saw some signs of future conflicts to come in the next book that looked very interesting.  I found it a fun series to follow.

Why not let your young adult see how this current danger is handled and decide if they think Jeb or Henry would be a better boyfriend for Verity?  I'm not sure the author even knows at this point...

Happy reading.

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