Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Pigeon Pie Mystery by Julia Stuart

Princess Alexandrina is left penniless and embarrassed by her father's death in a comprising situation with a female boot black.  What could be worse?  How about having her one remaining servant being accused of murder?

Doubleday and Edelweiss allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  The book will be published August 7th, so check with your local bookstore to pick up a copy.

The nickname for the Princess is Mink, and she and her servant Pooki are desperate and not sure where to go or what to do.  Luckily, the Queen offers them a grace-and-favor home on her estate.  There is no rent, she's with other ladies who have fallen below their previous station in life, and there are rumors of ghosts in the buildings.  Who cares about ghosts when you are looking for a place to live?

This reads a bit like a cozy, but it's set in Victorian times.  Mink and Pooki are very likeable characters and the problems they encounter dealing with the various characters keep you amused.  

When the General-Major dies, you find out almost every character in the book had a reason to kill him.  When the police focus on Pooki because she was the one who made the pie he gorged himself on right before his death, Mink has to do her own crime detection to save her.

The whole story is amusing, interesting and fun to read.  Why not spend a quiet afternoon reading about two penniless, cast-aside ladies who don't give up and are making their own happy ever after ending?

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

Got to love a book with a Happy Ending. Sometimes it's really nice to have a story that is just for fun, and this sounds like it could be it.