Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dragon Age Volume 1 by David Gaider, Alexander Freed

King Alistair is on the hunt for his father.  His companions are two rogues:  a beautiful woman warrior who looks like a gypsy and a dwarf with a deadly crossbow.  He will need them...

Dark Horse Comics and Net Galley allowed me to download an ebook of this story to read.  You can buy the book now, it was published last week.

I wasn't familiar with this dark fantasy universe but the word dragon caught my eye.  I've also confessed to being fond of reading graphic novels, so I wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

This is Volumes 1-6 of this tale.  Chad Hardin was the illustrator and his characters are very realistic looking even if some of them are monsters.  Michael Atiyeh was in charge of coloration and the graphics leap out at you. The story is full of action, fast paced, and makes you wonder what will step out of the woods in the grove next.

If you're into fantasy and can handle good sword action and blood, this book is for you.  They run into a prison break, find a dragon, meet a witch, and end up leaving without his father.  But they did find out a big secret that should help them achieve their goals.

I'm going to be watching for the next compilation of stories of this series.  I'd like to see more of the story.  It's not boring!

Happy reading. 

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