Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Green Man by Michael Bedard

This is a fascinating story that was a joy to read as an adult even though it's written for younger readers.  It has a mix of past and present, a bookstore, the mythical Green Man and a ghost.  What more could you want?

Tundra Books and Net Galley shared a copy of this ebook with me (thank you).  It was published on the tenth, so you can grab a copy now at your local bookstore.

The Green Man has always fascinated me.  I've seen odd things in the woods and often fancied there might be something or someone else besides me.  My Mom said to watch for fairies.  So why not watch for the Green Man, too?

Ophelia wishes to be called "O" and nothing else.  She and her Dad are doing well together after her mother's death, but when he has to travel again for work she lets him go alone.  His last plane trip that she accompanied him on went through bad turbulence and scared her.  So she goes to stay with her aunt at the Green Man bookstore.

Her aunt is a bit odd and has some secrets she doesn't want to share with O.  Unfortunately, O gets involved anyway.

This author blends real with unreal and does it so smoothly, it's hard to discern which is which.  It also makes a very good read.  I truly enjoy reading about O and hope Mr. Bedard will write another story about her and the young poet she discovered.  The question remains:  Was he the Green Man, who can take many forms?

Happy reading.

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