Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warped by Maurissa Guibord

Tessa is a very well grounded girl who doesn't believe in magic or anything of that type.  She just knows that a box of books and a piece of tapestry talked to her at the auction and she bought it.  She had no idea how much trouble she just bought...

Ember, a division of Random House Teens, sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  I'm very glad they did.  I just love reading books like this.  You can buy a copy at your local bookstore now.

Tessa took the tapestry up to her room and hung on her wall to inspect it better.  It was a very detailed picture with a unicorn at the center.  The unicorn was beautiful and she loved the richness of the colors.  As she turned to go, she noticed a loose thread and pulled it to make edge unmarred again. When the release of the thread dropped a young man on the floor in her room, she suddenly realized there was something just not quite right about that tapestry...

It doesn't take her long to realize the nightmares she's been having are related to the tapestry and the young man in her room.  And this is where her steadfast belief in the fact that there is no magic suddenly gets shaken.

There are ancient powers, prophecies, life-long enemies, and reincarnation all playing around the edges of this story.

The witch who incarcerated him in that tapestry intends to put him right back there to protect her immortality.  Tessa is trying to stop her.  She's got the equivalent of three weird sisters making demands on her, too.  To add a little drama to it, she's finding herself being very attracted to William.  Can a modern day girl help a young man from the 16th century?

This is fast paced complex story that you won't want to set down until you've finished reading it.  It's for young adults, but I enjoyed this fantasy story a lot.  Why not try it yourself and see what you think?

Happy reading.

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