Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

Alex is turning thirteen and this is the year he learns his fate.  He will either be a wanted, a necessary or an unwanted.  Those who are unwanted die...

Simon and Schuster shared an egalley of this story with me (thank you).  The book will be published at the end of this month and it's well worth reading.  Watch for a copy at your local bookstore.

Magic is outlawed and said to be evil.  The unwanteds leave on a bus without any tears and the parents don't even wave goodbye.  This is how life here is.  You can't be artistic or creative and survive in the city.

Alex most regrets leaving his twin brother behind.  They've been very close and can almost read one another's thoughts.  However, Aaron is a wanted.

When Alex arrives at the locked facility that means the end of his life, he walks through the gates ready to accept his fate.  Imagine his surprise when he finds he's not facing death; he's facing a wonderful new life with magic, art, and love.

What creates the largest conflict in the story is the twin's connection.  Alex wants Aaron to join him in this wonderful new world.  Aaron is enthralled with the power he holds in the old world and has no desire to join him.  Instead, he wants to end their world and kill them like they should have been in the first place...

I really enjoyed reading this.  Ms. McMann does an excellent job of drawing a picture of both worlds in your mind and showing you the twin's conflict.  The battle is big and formidable.  The outcome is unexpected.  She has given you a well thought out plot with lots of detail to support it.

This is written for young adults and should be very popular with them.  Since the Harry Potter series has ended, this might be a good place for your young reader to begin a new fantasy journey.  There may even be a sequel to this book, you never know.  And I can tell you that this adult sure enjoyed reading it.

Happy reading!

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