Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guys Read Thrillers by Jon Sciezka

Do you have a reluctant reader in your household?  How about sharing these odd, scary tales with them, I'm sure they'll hold their interest!

HarperCollins is publishing this book at the end of the month and I got my ebook copy from Net Galley (thank you both).  This is an anthology of stories written primarily for boys.  (But this girl liked them, too.)

Mr. Schiezka has a very nice idea here.  He is working on a series of books with catchy stories that will entice a younger reader's attention and draw him or her into the story.  Many of the stories are open-ended and the reader could write their own finish to the story.  They also would work well for read aloud and discussion after each story.

If your child hasn't been grabbed by the magic of the written word yet, here's a great way to get them involved in reading.  The stories are short, interesting, and have been written by experienced writers.  Why not take a walk on the dark side and see if the stories scare you?

Happy reading.

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