Sunday, August 7, 2011


Cash is a white man raised by Indians.  His partner is a Negro who is a very fast draw.  They are both Marshalls and they both believe in justice.  But not all justice is found in court...

I won my copy of this ebook and just wanted to share my reading experience with you.  I grew up reading Zane Gray.  My grandparents gave me their "library", a beautiful old bookcase, with all the books.  I still have that bookcase and most of the books.  But westerns have always had a soft spot in my heart - if they are good.  Mr. Grainger does an excellent job of writing about the old rough and tough west and how some problems need to be resolved a bit outside the law...

This an anthology.  Each story has its own strengths.  A few have ironic endings.  And none will disappoint you.  Why not pick up a copy of this ebook and take a ride in the West with Cash and Gideon?  You won't be bored.

Anyone who enjoys a good western will enjoy this book.

Happy reading!

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David Cranmer said...

Thank you, Jo Ann. I'm pleased you enjoyed the eBook and appreciative you took the time to post a review.