Thursday, August 11, 2011

Northwest Angle by William Kent Krueger

Cork takes his family on vacation with him, hoping to heal the family core after the death of his wife.  He wasn't expecting hurricane force winds to race through the islands and threaten them!

Simon & Schuster will be publishing this book at the end of the month in both hardcover and ebook form.  They sent me a galley for review(thank you).  

I'd hadn't read Mr. Krueger's work before.  His writing style is precise and intense and he does an excellent job with both male and female characters.  His dialogue between the characters is authentic.  He truly understands male and female emotions and motives.

His main character is an ex-cop who swore off guns.  But when Cork and his daughter end up on an unoccupied island after their boat is destroyed in the gale and an armed man comes after them, he's ready to pick one up again.

Jenny is the first to find the cabin.  She also finds a dead Indian girl in it.  And she hears a baby crying.  She rescues the baby, but the baby's cries carry in the quiet and the man hunting them can use the noise as a guide.  It doesn't help their case when the cabin and the dead girl are burned to get rid of the evidence.

The author has created an interesting setting for the crime.  Imagine several small islands dotting the lake.  They are mostly unoccupied.  Some have historical significance to the Indians.  There is a small population, no real police presence, and it appears there is some smuggling going on.  But that's not all...

Everyone knows everyone else; they all have secrets.  And they will do what it takes to shut Cork and his family up.  Just like Cork will do what it takes to keep his family safe.

Be careful about what you find in the woods; it might be looking for you...

This was a very interesting read and I enjoyed meeting Cork and his family and learning a bit more about Indian culture.  I'll be watching for the next story about this interesting character.  He's well worth a read.

Happy reading.

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