Friday, August 12, 2011

Shaman's Blood by Anne C Petty

If you don't like snakes, you don't want to read this book!

Library Thing and JournalStone sent me a copy of this ebook for review (thank you).  It will be available for purchase this month.

The story begins with a young boy trying to escape his mother and get away from her strange beliefs.  His father is dead.  The local Reverend takes him in for a few days and then Ned runs, trying to escape his past.  You can't escape your future, though.

He came from a family that played with snakes, but he sees other land in his nightmares.  His life seems predestined. There is an interesting mix of Cajun voodoo in Louisiana and Australian Aborigine dream time in the story.

The tale covers myth and legend and shows how bloodlines matter in a family, even if the parental knowledge isn't shared.  It's full of nightmares, horrors, and a reality that we've never seen.

Once you start reading it, you'll keep reading.  It takes a while to put the pieces together and see exactly what's going on and it will scare you on the way.   Why not get a copy for yourself and see what you think?

Happy reading. 

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Barbara said...

Hi Jo Ann
Sounds like something I would like to read.