Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Emma lost her brother, her mother, and her stepfather almost killed her in a car accident.  So she's starting over in New York and living with her aunt.  But even a new start isn't making things easier...

Harper Teen is publishing this book at the end of the month.  I got my copy from Net Galley (thanks to both of you).  I expect this book to sell well.

Emma just wants to start fresh without carrying her past forward to the new school.  When she gets pinned with questions by a classmate, she lies about her previous school.  What surprises her is that the cutest boy in class stands up for her and says he knows that school, he's played basketball there.

She has few friends in school, a couple of bad enemies, and then there's Brendan.  He blows hot and cold in the relationship she'd like to build with him.  

There's a pendant, a ring, a legend, and a witch involved in the tale.  The story is full of action, bullying, and rage as well as love.  Can Brendan and Emma break the curse or is their love doomed too?

This was a very enjoyable read.  The paranormal influence in this story easily tied the story line together and made it more fun to read.  Why not get a copy for your teen and introduce them to Brendan and Emma?  I think they'll be back again in another book.

Happy reading!

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Laurie said...

Let me know if you are selling your copy? I think Kate would like this.