Monday, June 27, 2011

The Blood Mesa by James Reasoner

Matt Cahill can never go anywhere without running into Mr. Dark...

Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin put together the Dead Man series and are working in collaboration with other authors to continue this chilling story.  The new story will be available in July.

This story was of particular interest to me because it was set in New Mexico.  The Anasazi Indians are part of New Mexico history and since no one really knows what happened to them, they fit well within the bounds of this supernatural thriller.

Matt feels the call of the mesa and knows trouble is there, so it's his next destination.  When he meets two doctors of archaeology who are having truck problems, he finds they are going there also and that they need a mechanic and general handyman.  He fixes the truck and since it aligns with his desire to get to the mesa he says yes.

Everyone is excited about the dig but Matt.  He tries to warn the doctors that they are on a dangerous site and there may be things there unseen, but the fever of the hunt is upon them and they ignore him.  

These stories always contain overwhelming horror and an intense fight of good versus evil.  This one is even more dramatic because it's played out on top of a mesa.

If you like stories that chill you, the Dead Man series will do that for you...

Happy reading.

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