Saturday, July 29, 2017

Orphan Lost by Sarah Christian

David's mother died and then his father became abusive.  He ran away from home and lived on his own at fourteen.  He's fifteen now and has a home with other orphans.  Since he is the oldest, he's sent with the children and a visitor to go have a picnic in woods and see the sights.

The author shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  You can read more about her and her books here:

They had run into a strange man in town and he scared Mary.  He was missing an arm, his leg was bad, and his face was scarred.  David told her he was OK and not to worry but she wouldn't change her mind.

As they walk through the woods, David sees bear sign.  He makes everyone stick together.  Then he realizes Mary is missing.  They look for her but don't find her.  They determine to stay there overnight and look again in the morning.  Maybe she will see their fire and return to them.  But their visitor is not Mary, it's Mother Bear...

It's a good thing someone else noticed their fire.  The group had gotten between Mom and her cubs but they soon move and all is well.  They end up all together again with a new friend.  

This is a short story but the author expresses herself well and it has a very nice ending.  This looks like a good series. 

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