Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lost And Found (September Day #1) by Amy Shojai

September has just moved into town.  With the loss of her husband and her dog, she's trying to get used to living alone with her cat.  When she gets a call from her sister saying her son is lost in the blizzard, she knows she has to help.  He's autistic and shouldn't be out alone.  It's a good thing he has his service dog with him.

The author shared a copy of this book with me for a review (thank you).  It has been published.

This is a twisted tale of desperate people who want to see improvements in their children or grandchildren who have autism.  There are secret medications being shared with them.  They have to sign agreements to acquire it and they don't understand all the risks but they can see the results.  It does help them, at first...

The story quickly becomes complicated.  The boy almost freezes but his dog manages to stop a small bus and the driver lets them board the bus.  When he doesn't get off the bus, she takes him to the mall to finish her route and then asks for his name and address.  He gives it to her, she calls for them to come pick him up.  But someone else answers the phone...

There's lot of tension, time limits, threats and murders along the way.  There is even a bad cop involved.  And you learn one of September's secrets, too.  Life will go on but it's changed in many ways.  Despite all the deaths, it's mostly a change for the good. It also looks like September has acquired a dog again.  This series continues so you know there are more cases for the dog and handler.  There was almost too much happening in this story but it helped keep your attention and the little boy is safe and sound now.

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