Thursday, July 6, 2017

George and the Stolen Sunny Spot by Kristin Bauer Ganoung

George has a special sunny spot that he sleeps in on the nice afternoons. The empty house next door is quiet, he does his chores first and then he takes his nap on the porch.  But all that is about to change.

Prairie Land Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

I love cats and my brother's name is George.  I had to read this book.

George patrols the farm.  He keeps the mice and gopher count down, he eats grasshoppers and crickets so the garden grows well, and he discourages other animals from settling in.  He's surprised to see his human get so excited when this couple comes to visit but he doesn't realize it's going to change his life.

They decide to rent the place next door and, while they don't have children yet, they have a young cat and TWO dogs!  How awful!

I enjoyed this story because George hates the little cat because it takes his sunny spot, hates the dogs because they chase him, and hates everybody because his routines have changed.  When George decides to use psychology on the kitten, it backfires.  The mangy coyote is in the area and he's going after the kitten.  George goes to the rescue.  In the process, he finds out he still has things to learn and it's good idea to have a friend as backup in a fight.  No one gets hurt too badly and the two cats start to talk to each other and life gets better.  Even the dogs accept George.  Now he has a sunny spot and a friend to share it with!  He's also got a new girlfriend.  Life couldn't be better...

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