Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Pirate's Children by Michael Lloyd

Eleanor has been raising her younger siblings ever since her father never returned.  They are living with their aunt who sees they have all they need but is short on love.  Life goes on.  Then the aunt dies and when her will is read, their life changes.  They not only have money, they have a ship...

Publishing Push and the author provided me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  I loved the story so much this one is going in my library.  You can get a copy for your own library now since it has been published.

I've always had a soft spot for pirates.  I know they aren't nice people but they were brave, fought against the odds, and even had romances.  I also love reading about young ones having great adventures and accomplishing things even adults can't do.  This story is an excellent combination of those attributes and it keeps you reading.

The ship is in disrepair but it belonged to their father.  They also find out their father isn't dead, he's being held prisoner.  Eleanor decides she's going to save him.  Don't try to tell her that's not a good idea, she won't listen.  She does have one bad habit.  She seems to pick up strays.  Before long she has a squad of children who are learning to work aboard the ship.  She also has a captain she found in the debtor's prison.  She has part of her father's crew from the past.  And now she's ready to go on her adventure.

Luckily, the butler had been in the last war and he teaches them all how to use a sword and fire a gun and how to fight.  The cook sneaks aboard the ship to watch over the little ones and keep them in good food.  She also teaches the cursing parrot bible sayings, which makes his pirate mad.

With this odd lot, including a dog, on board, they set out for the Caribbean.  They meet pirates of all kinds, find the situation almost hopeless, but Eleanor doesn't give up.  The ship's captain would like to stop her but he knows she won't quit, so he helps her.  

This was a very good read and the ending is perfect.  The facts about the pirates are accurate while the battles in the story were fictional.  It's good, clean fun and young adults will find it fascinating.  I know I did.

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