Sunday, June 25, 2017

LOWCOUNTRY BONFIRE: A Liz Talbot Mystery by Susan M. Boyer

Tammy Sue suspects her husband of having a girlfriend.  She asks Liz and Nate to look into it.  They do and he is sleeping with another woman.  They sure didn't expect her to react the way she did...

Henery Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 27th.

She races in the house, drags out his clothes and tosses them in his mustang and then sets the car on fire!  Soon the entire town is standing around watching while Tammy Sue rants and raves.  When they try to open the trunk of the car, they can't find the keys.  Pete gabs a crowbar and pops it open.  And there's the philandering husband's body, stuffed in the trunk.

The cops think Tammy Sue did it.  Liz doesn't.  So she starts shifting through Zeke's past to see if something from there was the cause.  She also snoops at all the small town residents.  The trouble seemed to have started from a bonfire held months ago but no one knows what was said or why.  The mystery deepens when the killer suddenly starts shooting at them.  It was apparent Zeke liked guns but she didn't know anybody else in town that loved them that much.  Nor would she think a local would shoot at her and husband.  But they did.

She finally puts two dates together and thinks she has her killer.  She goes to visit alone and starts asking questions and telling the killer what she knows.  He breaks.  He breaks so badly he's going to kill her and his wife...  It's a good thing she was wired.

The author does a good job of fleshing out her characters and hiding the killer from you.  I enjoyed this read and would read more about Liz and Nate.  They make a good private detective team.

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