Sunday, June 18, 2017

Equus by Rhonda Parrish

When I discovered this book, I knew I had to read it.  I like horses, I like magic, and I like fantasy.  Here it is all wrapped in one anthology collection.  Oh, I also like short stories!

World Weaver Press sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published July 18th.

There are unicorns, kelpies, pegasus and knitting in these stories.  One woman knits her way to the stars where she can ride with the horses.  In Rue the Day, the young man aiding the woman unicorn rider rapes her so she can't ride anymore.  Unfortunately, it just makes her unicorn mad and he pays for his offense.

My favorite read in this book was Ladie's Day.  They're at the races and her sister and another woman are planning on their horse to win the same race.  She's the ugly duckling compared to her sister but she likes the young man that's friends with her sister's date.  Then she finds out from a vision that her sister has magicked her horse and he's the judge who checks the animals for drugs or magic...

All the stories in this collection are good.  Each author has a completely different take on where the animals live and how they behave.  It makes the stories surprising and unique.  If you like fantasy, magic, or horses, you'll love this book.  Tell me what story touched you. 

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