Monday, June 19, 2017

It's Hard to be Good (Ellie the Wienerdog series) Life's Little Lessons by Ellie the Wienerdog - Lesson #1 by K.J. Hales

Ellie is the cutest little wiener dog!  She's illustrated in bright colors, her antics are perfectly dog-like, and this story is cute.  There's a lesson in the story but it's put across gently.

Open Door Press and Net Galley shared an ebook of this story with me.  It has been published so can grab a copy now.

Ellie loves being told she's a good dog.  Her reactions will make you laugh.  She can't help sniffing all the good smells in the house, though.  And when she gets a noseful of ham smells, and a sandwich lying on the table, can she resist?

She almost gives into temptation but, when she doesn't, she gets a reward.  That's how life ought to be for people, too.

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