Saturday, June 21, 2014

Desperate Endurance by Kasey Riley

When her husband walks in with a pregnant mistress and tells Bethany he wants a divorce, she's happy to give it to him.  They haven't had a good marriage for a while.  But it's going to take her a while to adjust to her new life.  She decides to clear her head of the past and do endurance riding competition while she mentally heals.

The author graciously shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

Bethany is doing well, travelling from location to location, helping set up the trail, and earning some points and prizes along the way.  One late night, when she's been on the road for most of the day, she pulls over in a rest spot to check on the horses.  When she hears another car pull in, she doesn't worry about it.  Then she hears some conversation and realizes it's not a traditional rest call activity.  They are threatening a man and end up shooting him.  When another car pulls in and sees one of the men with a gun, he takes off again.  They check her rig, and then head out after the running witness.  She goes in woods after the man that has been shot and he gives her a key to a post office box and tells her his son's name before he dies.  He also tells her not to trust anyone, even his son, until she knows if he's involved in the trouble or not.

She changes her appearance, hides her vehicle and trailer, and moves on carefully and cautiously.  The POB has a deed to a property with a quitclaim deed.  Whoever has it could claim the ranch.  She hides that and goes on her to next endurance race.

The men after her keep finding her.  She keeps moving and hoping to escape but she knows it's not going to work that way.  In her quest to get away, she meets Roger, the son.  He's a good man and a gentleman, and even though sparks fly between them, they maintain their distance.  That is, until he finds out there are gunmen after her.  Then he puts her on his ranch to keep her safe.  That plan backfires...

The author shares a lot of detail about endurance riding and horses that I found very interesting.  I also enjoyed the romance.  I could have done without the sex scenes, but some folks like them.  Watching Bethany learn to act like a woman again and recognizing that the things her husband said were lies made me feel good.  We all need to be ourselves, not what someone else thinks we should be.  I'm also fond of happy every after stories, so this story was a real winner for me.  If you have an interest in horses, westerns, or romance, you'll like this book.  Give it a try!

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