Friday, June 13, 2014

Boiled Over by Barbara Ross

Julia Snowden is spending the summer helping her family with the clambake company.  You wouldn't think that would be a dangerous job, would you?  Yet, she finds another dead body.  This time it's in the fire pit of their big clambake for Founder's Day...

Kensington Books sent me an ARC of this book for review (thank you).  It was published in May, so you can grab a copy at your local bookstore now.

The first thing the police focus on is the fact that the company's young helper took off at a run when the leg fell out of the fire.  They think he may be the murderer.  They're even more sure of it when they find out she knows nothing about him, hasn't checked his references and doesn't even know where he came from.  He's a good kid, a hard worker and does his best at his assignments.  Why ask?  The cops take the stance of "Why not?"

Since Julia is sure Cabe is innocent, she has to find a way to prove it.  What she finds out about him after the fact is scary.  He's been accused of murder before...

As she keeps digging for facts, she finds out a lot of different facts about people living in the town.  Most are those who have been there forever but there are some newcomers.  You know, folks that have been there less than 50 years.  The more she finds out, the more complex things get.  It's like wading into a spider web and finding it getting thicker as you go through.

In the meantime, Julia love interest is getting more serious.  He says he loves her; she says nothing.  She wants to go back to Manhatten, he's in love with the coast.  She tells him it's impossible.  When she goes to talk to him and tell him how she feels about him, he's gone.  His boat is no longer in the slip and she has no idea where he's gone.

I'll have to read the next book to see if she gets back together with Chris or develops a relationship with a young cop that has a crush on her.  Some women have problems deciding who they love.  Even if we don't discuss her love interest in the next book, I'm ready for her to find another dead body. She makes a good detective!

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