Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Kills Anthology

This is a collection of short stories done by experienced writers about death.  They have picked their own favorites, and it shows in the quality of the stories.

Lee Goldberg sent me a copy for review and I'm glad he did (thank you).  These stories are quirky, mean, and tough.  You can find a copy of this book on Amazon.

Be careful who you cross in the world because you might not live through it...

Here is a list of the authors and their stories:

Archie's Been Framed by Dave Zeltserman
Night Nurse by Harry Shannon
Solomon & Lord Drop Anchor by Paul Levine
Number 19 by Naomi Hirahara
Sweet Dreams by Vicki Hendricks
House Rules by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Angie by Ed Gorman
Knife Fight by Joel Goldman
Jack Webb's Star by Lee Goldberg
Restraint by Stephen Gallagher
Top of the World by Bill Crider
A Matter of Principal by Max Allan Collins 

I'm sure you recognize some of these names; you sure will if you read mysteries and like noir.

My personal favorite in this collection is Solomon & Lord Drop Anchor.  The couple in this story deserve each other.  They are both conniving, mean enemies of anyone who crosses them.  And they are willing to do something about each.

Each story is dramatically different.  There's a touch of horror, lots of murder, and they read quickly because they are interesting.  Why not get yourself a copy and see how long it takes you to read it?  I bet it'll keep your attention the whole time you're turning those pages.

Happy reading.

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