Friday, February 10, 2012

Catch Me by Lisa Gardner

She knows someone will be trying to kill her on January 21st.  She doesn't know why nor does she know how the murderer managed to kill her friends; she does knows she's in danger.  She tells the police about it only so they will be able to hopefully solve her murder if she can't defend herself.  She's spent a year learning to defend herself well...

Dutton sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It's an excellent read and is currently available at your local bookstore.  If you've read this author before, I'm sure you're waiting for her next book.  If you have not (like me), this book is just perfect as it is.

Detective D D Warren is a bit skeptical, but she can't dismiss what she's been told.  Charlene Grant truly believes it and has worked hard on preparing for a fight to the death.  The case turns stranger before it comes to a conclusion.

This is a mind-bending psychological thriller.  Ms. Gardner grabs your attention and surprises you all the way through.  D D just had a baby and has returned to work.  Charlene was raised by a insane mother and has scars to prove it.  And neither one of them know any reason for someone to be after Charlene.

You'll be guessing all the way through.  Even with a witness, they aren't any closer to the truth.  D D is even beginning to wonder about Charlene's sanity.

I highly recommend this book.  It's a very good read that you may need to set down every now and again to get your breath back.  It's fast paced, has some hurt from the past mixed with the hurt present, and while the ending provides closure, it doesn't necessarily provide happiness.

I'm looking forward to reading more about these characters.  I don't think that Charlene is going to fade into the background just yet.  I may be wrong, but we shall see.

Happy reading. 

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Belgie said...

The nicest thing about this book is we see the slight change in DD's character and she comes across as a much softer woman following the birth of her son. DD and her team are also working on the killing of people involved in sex crimes. This storyline interlinks with the main one regarding Charlie nicely. From the very beginning the plot is very fast paced and there is a sense of frenzy as we read about Charlie trying to out-run the person coming to kill her.