Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wide as the Wind by Eward Stanton

We've all heard of Easter Island, right?  How about Vaitea?  They are the same Island.

At the request of PRBy the Book, the author graciously sent me a copy of his book to read for review.  I'm very glad he did.  This was an an excellent mix of the history of the time with well-thought-out-characters.  They marry who they must for their tribes, not who they love.  They have conflicts in their own tribes; warriors and and farmers don't agree on policy.  You can pick up a copy now.

This island is vacant.  Maybe if we read this story it might help us see where we are going now...

Even the peaceful are strong people who follow traditions.  The warriors would rather kill and take than farm.  It finally breaks out into civil war and young and old and fight and die.

Let history show you war is not a good thing and even winning isn't a victory.  This is well written and young readers won't realize they are getting a history lesson on the way.  I highly recommend it.

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