Friday, May 25, 2018

The Lost Books: The Scroll of Kings by Sarah Prineas

His father wants him to be a warrior but Alex knows he is a librarian.  He runs away to become one but finds that doesn't work out.  The queen who hired him even wants to keep duplicates of grocery lists!

HarperCollins and Edelwiess let me read this story for review (thank you).  I'm glad!  It will be published June 26th.

When he runs to the next library,  he finds the old librarian dead.  It seems there's something wrong in the libraries and some books are dangerous.  It doesn't take long for them to find him and begin a campaign to get rid of him.  It's a good thing he gets along with this queen, sort of.

This boy's fascination with books equals mine and he's willing to fight for them.  Others want to burn them.  He has multiple people to fight with his mind and with swords and no one wants to give up.

This is a rooting tooting story with lots of action, magic, and fun characters to love.  I highly recommend this one to young adult readers! 

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