Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Ruins (Nick Randall #1) by Robert Rapoza

Living in New Mexico, the possibility of aliens doesn't seem so far fetched.  We have a UFO museum in Roswell.  People think they have seen flying saucers.  When I read about this book, that was part of what inspired me to read it.  It's not Roswell, it's Peru.  And it's an interesting story.

The author sent me a copy of his book to read for review.  It's been published so you can buy a copy now.

Archeologist Nick Randall is searching for a lost city.  When he becomes the one lost, his boss calls his daughter.  He wants her to look for him.  Samantha hasn't had much to do with her father since the death of her mother.  She blames him for it.  But she can't let him die, too.  She goes to search.

This is a tale of alien power that a group of businessmen want to control.  They believe it will allow them to control the world.  And they don't care how many people they kill along the way.  They want to keep it secret and they are willing to even kill each other to possess it.  It makes Nick's search dangerous and now his daughter is stepping into the middle of trouble.

Nick finds the hidden city.  Then the mercenaries find him.  With two groups converging and warfare between them, innocent bystanders die.  Samantha is a strong character and she needs her stubbornness and determination to survive.

The one thing the bad guys didn't count on was the fact that there really were aliens involved.  That made for a very interesting ending.

You need to suspend your belief of natural life events because this goes beyond that.  Step into another world and meet those who stay away from humans...

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