Wednesday, January 10, 2018

In Deep Water: A Cat Connolly Thriller by Sam Blake

When her friend doesn't show up for practice, she knows something is wrong.  Sarah is very organized, has her day and life planned out and would have called if she wasn't coming.  Where was she?

Zaffre and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published February 8th.

Cat knows something has happened to Sarah, but nobody has seen her for a bit.  Where did she disappear and why?  Her mother said she working on a story and she had a fight with her father, who said it was dangerous.  What kind of story?

Despite the fact that they live in a fairly quiet village, it turns out her story is of international significance.  It takes Cat and the special team she's part of some time to find out just what was going on and who was involved.

When they tell Cat they've found a body, she's fearful it will be her friend.  The killer cut the hands and head off the victim to stop identification.  It's not Sarah but it's someone similar to her.  

This is an ugly story about human trafficking and how men who have money always want more.  It's a difficult case and some of the women don't want to be saved.  But even when they've broken that part of the case, they still haven't found Sarah...

This is a tense, stressful read about unpleasant facts of life.  I'm glad this sort of stuff doesn't touch my world.  I'm impressed by Cat's team and her intelligence.  She's tough even after being hurt and then rehabilitating.  She'd be good to have as a friend.

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