Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Travel Twins and the Lost Secret of the Vikings by Charles A Salter

Josh and Hannah are visiting their uncle in Norway.  When the Viking Sunstone is stolen from his museum, they decide to recover it.  They are taking on more than they think.  Have you ever heard of a berserker?

PR by the Book and the author shared a copy of this with me for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy from Outskirts Press or Amazon now.

It all begins with a train trip to where they think they might find the missing sunstone.  They keep going through tunnels where the train cars are in the dark temporarily.  All of sudden, they get captured and are made unconscious by a gas.  They wake up tied up in the luggage car. They are resourceful, though, and get loose.  As they try hiding on the train, they take the ropes with them.  They'll be glad they did!

They meet an older woman who is going to the exhibit they want to see so they get more information from her to help with their quest.  She poopoos the idea of berserkers saying that it was just a bigger man who wore furs and probably was drunk who ran about yelling and taking on all comers.  They'll see one before this story is over.

This series is exciting, full of action, and full of danger for the young ones.  It's a good thing they are smart and have their act together.  If they didn't, they'd fail on their quests!

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