Saturday, January 14, 2017

I See You by Clare Mackintosh

Zoe has a routine for work days.  She goes the same way all the time, has her favorite seats and reads while on the underground.  She likes where she lives, so she commutes.  All is well until she looks at an ad in the back of the paper and finds they have escort services, dates and more listed.  That's not what bothers her; it's her picture staring back at her that's scary.  She didn't put that ad in; who did?  And why?

Berkley Publishing and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published February 21st.  

This author has a way of getting under my skin.  She creates insidious crimes that make you shiver.  She maintains the pace and the tension from the beginning of the story to the end.  And I'll most likely read her next book, too.

When Zoe notices another person in the old ads that she's seen before, she begins to realize it's not just happening to her.  The original police officer is very interested in the case but she's not assigned to it.  The new officer is not as concerned but he soon has reason to be.

Someone is creating these ads and men are paying for details.  Some are raped and assaulted.  Two of them end up dead.  Zoe has good reason to be worried.  Soon she can't even trust the man she's living with.  She has no idea who's after her but she doesn't want to get hurt.

This is a very twisted tale.  The person running the website is someone very close to her.  It comes to a death threat up close and personal.  What's most chilling is even though one person is dead, the original perpetrator is still on the loose.  This story is over but it's not finished... 

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