Thursday, January 26, 2017

Heart of Gold (The Clockwork Mysteries #2) by Lilliana Rose

Vickie has decided to be a private investigator.  The only way her doctor husband, George, is willing to let her do that is if she takes self-defense lessons.  He doesn't want her to get hurt doing her work.  Unfortunately, she gets hurt anyway...

Book Buzz and the author shared a copy of this ebook with me for review (thank you).  It will be published February 7th.

This steampunk story takes you back to Victorian times.  Vickie and her girlfriend are taking lessons from a good looking young man.  The girlfriend is looking at him as a potential mate.  Vickie feels there's something not quite right about him.  When she practices a self-defense hit on the bag, it reaches further than she imagined and he falls down and doesn't get back up again.  As she attempts to see if he's breathing, she hears a tick in him instead of a heartbeat.  Her girlfriend and her husband tell her she must be mistaken.  But when he stops her foot with his hand and sprains it, that makes her more determined then ever to prove he's an automation.  She should have paid more attention to his master, Dr. Quinn.

The story itself is intriguing and enjoyable to read.  There's more sex in this story than I would prefer to see.  I like sensual books, not spicy reads.  But for those who want some of both, this is an excellent read.  I can tell that Vickie's cases will never be boring.

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