Monday, January 30, 2017

A BRAND NEW ADDRESS (INTERVENUS Book 1) by Kathleen Rowland

The second ice age is taking over the earth.  Mars was colonized but nuclear war killed that planet and the people there.  The next planet due to be explored is Venus.  But only a select few are going on an exploratory trip to the planet.  One of the ships gets taken out by debris, another was shot and transformed the crew became a form of gel.  Will the others make it?

The author sent me a free copy of her book to review (thank you).  This book is available for purchase on Amazon now.

This is good sci/fi with lots of interesting technology.  Yardley is female and has created a greenhouse that can grow vegetables even though the world is frozen.  Marchand is an ice boat specialist who races across the frozen surfaces and steals food and goods from the great BotGen.  BotGen is a monster corporation who wants to control and own everything.  As is true in the world today, those with the money have power and if they want to misuse it, who can say anything against it?

It appears there are other people on Venus.  Maybe they are aliens but who knows?  What the corporate manager wants it to take them all out and take over what they've developed.  That's wrong but who's going to know?

All that's in their way are the four survivors of the other space ship.  And things are going to get real dangerous, real fast.

This is the first book in this series and it's an entertaining read.  There's a couple of romances developing.  Marchand is all tied up in the mission.  Yardley doesn't want to go too far too fast.  If I were them, I think I'd take advantage of what time they have.  After all, who knows how long it will last?  Maybe the next book will give you a clue... 

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