Friday, November 11, 2016

The Rage of Plum Blossoms by Christine M Whitehead

She's surprised when cops show up at her office.  She has to interrupt an interview with a client to deal with them.  When they tell her that her husband has committed suicide, she can't believe it.  She just had breakfast with him.  He wasn't suicidal...

Ms. Whitehead sent me a copy of her to read for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy on Amazon now.

Quinn continues to tell them it couldn't be suicide.  They disagree.  Nobody who has a happy marriage and a good life would suddenly jump off the balcony.  He wasn't even wearing the clothes he had on when she left in the morning.  He didn't own the clothes he was wearing.  He also wouldn't have ended up on his head if he had jumped.  When no one looks for any more evidence.  She starts digging.  She's warned not to by everybody she talks to, but she wants answers.

This is a complex story with international intrigue and back door CIA activities.  It's not long before she's no longer welcome in Chinatown.  Not even his friends are willing to talk to her.  Then she's almost killed three different times.  It's a good thing she has survival skills.

As she goes along, she makes male friends along the way who are willing to help her with her case.  She needs them and they need her.  It's a good team and they have each other backs.  She has to figure her husband's past and present to make sense of his death.  Even then, it doesn't make much sense.  But she finally gets to the point of letting go, knowing he's been avenged.  She has new goals now.

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