Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hog in the Fog by Julia Copus

This is a new children's picture book series I was invited to read and I'm so very glad I did!  Harry and Lil have great adventures and Eunyoung Seo's illustrations are wonderful.  They're whimsical and fun and go right along with these sweet story lines.

Publishing Push and the author sent me the books.  They have been published so you can grab a copy now.

In this first story Lil, a little shrew, has invited Harry, the hog, over for afternoon tea.  She waits and waits.  It is foggy out there but surely he'll show up?  When he doesn't she goes looking.

Along the way she meets up with other animals.  They all decide to search with her.  Each of them has seen something funny in the fog but it doesn't sound like her friend.  And, yet, when she does find him, he's been all those things they saw.  They just saw a part of him.

The story is very cute, the pictures adorable and I know little ones will love it.  Give it a look, I bet you take it home.

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