Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Doodletopia: Fairies: Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies by Christopher Hart

Mr. Hart is back again with more doodletopia for you.  This time he's showing you how to draw fairies.  How could the Book Faerie not review this book?

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review (thank you).  It has been published and you can pick it up now.  You might want to look at his other books.  He offers easy designs to try, gives you a template to try, and I'll bet you'll be surprised at what you can do.

He starts you off with heads.  It's amazing how minor changes (ears, head shapes, etc.) can make the fairy look different.  Next is the body.  He teaches you how to draw them facing you or from the side.  He also shows you some magical clothing and accessories.  (You might want to create some of your own.)

Most of the fairy wings he shows us are pretty flamboyant.  I liked the others shown at the bottom of pages in this section best.  The flying poses made me smile.  Then we get to the two main portions of this book in my mind:  Personality and Magic Powers!

Personality is fun.  You can have a happy fairy and with a few pencil marks you have a sad or angry one.  Magical Powers are always intriguing and you might want to create a few more for your fairies.

Then you learn how to draw musical instruments for them.  Those musically inclined will find these whimsical.

My favorite section is the last chapter about fairy dwellings.  I definitely go with the tree.  A small door at the base with a walkway and some landscaping and maybe a garden would be the way to go in my fairy world.  But he offers you other choices.  You might even decide to create your own fairy world in your own way.  Go for it!  Your imagination can help dress it up.

He's done a very nice on this art book, too.  Children will love learning to draw fairies.  If your child embraces this art and has extra copies of their artwork, I'd love to have a copy...

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