Monday, June 6, 2016

The Secret of Bald Rock Island by Charles A Salter

This story is about an independent little girl who misses her father who was lost at sea.  She's a good girl, but she's also going to help her friend and find out what happened to her father...

PR by the Book and the author sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you). It has been published and you can get a copy now.

Kelcie believes Mr. Bartleby when he tells his tale of seeing a big eye in the blow hole of the rock by the sea.  Higher tides during storms cause the water to jump out of that hole and it was a stormy night when he saw it.  Everyone thinks he's making it up or that he saw something that wasn't there.  Kelcie is going to check it out herself and she's going to try to answer the question of what happened to her father the night of the storm when he disappeared.  Her only problem is that she goes very early in the morning and she doesn't see any warning but a bit of red in the sky.  Red sky in the morning is a warning.

As she goes deeper into the rock, she finds a cove.  She also finds her father's shoe.  And she finds out what that big eye belonged to also.  The monster is in there with her, the tide is coming in higher than usual and her way out is blocked.  What now?

Adventuring alone is okay but you need to think about the dangers and the consequences you may be facing.  Kelcie didn't plan for any of those things but she did manage to survive.  Just like most children do.  Learn to face your fears and overcome them but be careful out there.  It's a dangerous world sometimes.


Jeff Salter said...

This was a terrific story, with good dramatic tension and detective work by the little girl. She's smart, resourceful, and has more courage than she realizes. True, she takes some risks that would frighten me (if I were her parent / grandparent), but she has a foundation of responsibility and maturity which surpasses her years.
Though the main character is a young girl, I believe boys of the target age will also greatly enjoy this story.

Charles said...

Jo Ann, thanks for hosting me this week! I hope your readers will enjoy my new series, THE KARE KIDS ADVENTURES. If they do, the good news is that more volumes should be coming out soon.

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