Thursday, June 23, 2016

All Waiting Is Long by Barbara J. Taylor

Set in the 1930's, this is the story of two sisters and sacrifice.  The youngest got pregnant unexpectedly and the oldest goes with her to provide support while she finishes her pregnancy and gives the baby away for adoption.  It means Violet has to postpone her own wedding but she can't let her sister go alone; she's too young and irresponsible.  After all, she got pregnant...

Akashic Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published July 5th.

Violet is carrying guilt from the death of her older sister.  They were playing with fireworks and her sister's dress caught on fire.  She feels responsible even though her parents tell her she's not; it was an accident.  So when Lily is born, she takes care of her to make up for the past.  I'm not sure Lily was worth it.

When they are leaving the home for unwed mothers, Violet finds that Lily has left her birthday hat behind.  She goes back to retrieve it and finds the baby is being given to a mother who has lost her mind and that the nun is lying about how old she is.  Violet takes the baby in the hat box and joins her sister at the train depot.  Lily refuses to touch the baby, so Violet (who has learned that babies are precious while waiting for the birth) takes her in.  When Stanley meets her at the train, he assumes it's her baby and leaves her standing there without being able to say a word.  No marriage for her.

There is lots of drama, good and bad decisions and at the core of it all is Violet.  She stands strong, she tries to do what's right and she comes out well.  Her sister, not so much.  Violet even finds love.

This is not a book for sissies.  Bad things happen, some bounce back better than others, and some have more sense than others.  It's a story about family love and how that influences life.  It's also a story of love that rises from the depths to create happiness in an unforgiving world.  It's a good read.

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