Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Duke's Accidental Wife: Dukes of War #7 by Erica Ridley

This series is a fun read.  It's romantic but not filled with sex.  And Ms. Ridley's characters always start at cross angles and no desire to get married.  Ha!

The author invited me to read this Net Galley copy for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can pick up a copy now.

The Duke is very formal, proper, and he works hard at the Parliament as well as at home.  He has no intention to get married unless he can find a woman he loves.  He makes that difficult because he doesn't date and hates being around people.  The only reason he went to the event that Katherine is hosting is because his sister practically blackmailed him into it.

Katherine thinks he's good looking but cold.  When he snubs her at her own event, she goes after him.  Nobody gets away with that with her.  She finds him hiding in her storeroom, trying to get away from the crowd.  Through a series of mishaps, she finds herself in his arms and then they get caught!  It's not what it looks like, but honor is honor and they must marry.  Neither one wants to marry and they are opposites in so many ways.  How could this work out?

I found the story amusing and sweet.  She's afraid to have a baby so, married or not, she's not sleeping with him.  He decides to give her some time.  They talk about annulling the marriage but it doesn't take long for them to decide that's not what they want to do.

Through miscommunication and good intentions there are a few angry moments but once they calm down and pay attention to what's going on around them, they discover they might not be so very different after all.

I love happy ever afters and I really enjoyed this read.  Give it a try.  This whole series has been great!

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