Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sabotage: A Reece Culver Thriller - Book 2 by Bryan Koepke

Reece Culver is back and his life isn't any calmer in this book.  He and his friend Haisley are going to Scotland to go fishing.  It's time for some R &R and they both love to fish.  What they didn't expect was to witness a car going over the embankment into the water.  Reece tries to help the driver but the vehicle sinks too quickly and the water is too deep.  When he gets back up on the road, he hears another driver tear out of there from above.  It seems the driver who went to the watery grave was shot...

The author sent me a copy of his book to read for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy now on Amazon in either print or ebook form.

Reece is tough.  He needs to be since he's pitting himself against an assassin this time.  When they follow the journalist's trail, they find he was going to visit a local couple.  Reece wants to find out what story he was following.  What he finds out is that the couple is divorcing and it's a mess.  However, the wife is very attractive and catches Reece's eye.  He should know better.

There's sabotage, espionage, and a conspiracy all rolled up in one nasty plot here.  This company is full of men of great power and ambition and they have one among them who is a bit crazy, too.  His plan will change the world and not for good.  Of course, it would be good for him because he'll have all the diamonds he hoarded and they won't lose their value.

Reece finds himself falling in love with Marie.  He's not getting much fishing in.  And the pace just keeps picking up faster and faster.  There are so many lying it's hard to pick out the truth.  This thriller will keep you sitting your chair reading when you should be doing something else.

I wonder if Reece will still have Marie around in the next book?

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