Monday, December 21, 2015

The Cat Who Came In off the Roof by Annie M.G. Schmidt, David Colmer (Translated by)

He's a reporter who can never find anything to write about.  He writes about cats because he sees them around town, owns one himself, and they're always into something.  His editor tells him he has to get a better story, one with real news, or he'll be fired...

Delacorte Press and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It's being published January 19th.

This is delightful story for anyone who loves cats.  I grew up with a cat.  It even slept in the crib with me.  So it's a given that I would like this story.

When he's visiting with a neighbor on the street, he sees something go by.  It's very fast, very sneaky and it climbs a tree quickly.  He can't see what it was but he chases away the dog and finds a woman in the tree.  He helps her down and takes her home with him.  She's a bit odd but she's very pretty.  What's strange are her cat-like habits.

It seems she's a cat that has turned human from eating garbage outside an industry.  She purrs, swats like a cat, rubs against you, and sleeps in a box.  Not only that, she goes out on the roof at night.  He's willing to accept all that because she's good company.  She also is helping him write his news stories.  After all, cats are everywhere and they pick up all kinds of good gossip.  It's lucky she can still talk cat or he'd still be a clueless reporter.

He gets less shy with her as company, they expose an evil man and the little girl in the story takes photos for evidence.  Now the woman must decide if she wants to go back to being a cat or stay human.  Which do you think she chooses?

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