Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bellwyn the Witch Stories by J.A. Pak

Bellwyn is an unusual witch.  She's a bit absent minded, forgets how to do simple spells, and doesn't pay attention to the town gossip.  She does have a warrior who loves her.  And she's not a bad witch.  But she's not necessarily a good witch either.  She's just there - mostly...

I've read work by Ms. Pak before and she writes good fantasies.  Her muse takes her all kinds of places and she articulates these mind journeys in a clear voice.  I bought this book on Amazon and enjoyed reading it.  Check it out.

Bellwyn has been "possessed" which means she could be taken to the witch graveyard and bound with a tree but instead of it making her worse, it made her stronger.  She's long-lived so you see her in the beginning as a young maiden and then many years later in the more modern world.

The chapters almost like a series of short stories strung together and that might sound strange, but I really liked it.  They moved on with the story and kept the pace up.  I preferred the beginning of the story because I enjoyed the older simpler times.  That's more a reflection on me than the story. The ending is one I can envision if the world keeps going on as it is now.  Maybe that's why the earlier part of the tale was more enjoyable for me.  I prefer pure fantasy to reality.

If you want to have fun with witches, you need to read this novella.  It will amuse and entertain you.

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