Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix by Kate Saunders

They can't imagine what they've done to get the attention of the magic police.  No one was using magic.  At least they didn't think so.  However, the police are there on a mission:  They want the cat...

Delacorte Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published December 1st.  This is the second in the series, so you can read The Whiz-Pop Chocolate Shop while you wait.  It's the first in this series.

This author writes silly outrageous books that make you laugh and keep reading.  There's lots of excitement, magic, creatures from the past and the present, and all kinds of antics.  I enjoy them.

It seems the cat found a little piece of magic chocolate and went back in time.  She was going back to find her old master but instead she found the queen.  And "J" has evidence in a book to prove she did it.  

The team finds out they have DNA that contains a strain of the same line as the one the bad witch came from.  She wants to collect the children to have the power to free her sons.  They are giants and she's going to use them to take over the world.  There's a stegosaurus, lots of cats and rats, a vampire and more in this tale.  They just add to the fun of the mix of the pot. With betrayals, double-crosses and more going on, it's a great read for all. 

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