Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Wolf in the Wardrobe by Susan Brocker

He doesn't like how the circus clown treated his performing wolves.  They obey him because they fear him, not because they respect him.  He's pretty sure the man is hurting them, but he hides it from the audience.  When he's coming home from doing his paper route and sees one of them run across the road and get hit by a car, he's determined to help it.  His mother won't let him have a dog, she certainly isn't going to let him keep a wolf!

HarperCollins and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  This book will be published on March 31st, so you can get a copy in a few days.

I have an affinity with animals so this book interested me right at the start.  Ms. Brocker writes a realistic story and adds in regular life stresses.  Finn's mother has moved and taken another job that pays more so she can support Finn and her mother.  Grandma has Alzheimers (so did my own), Dad has a new girlfriend, and Finn has the wolf in his closet.  You can tell this is not your usual story.

When Finn takes the wolf to the vet, he says she's just a big dog.  The vet tells him how much it will cost to treat her and he agrees.  He has to use his savings he had set aside for a rugby tournament, but so be it.  She's more important now and he can't go and leave her home alone.

He's walking a tight rope here.  The wolf occasionally howls.  Grandma has decided she's Molly, a dog she had in the past.  When he comes home from school, he finds both the wolf and his grandmother cuddling up and sleeping on his bed.  His mother would freak!

While he tries to take care of the wolf and his grandmother, he has to get another job to pay for the food the wolf eats.  He's OK with that, but then the clown who lost the wolf is back and wants to take her back.  He's really more interested in her collar, but Grandma has hidden that. As if Finn didn't have enough troubles, he finds out Lupa is pregnant.  What will he do now?

This is a well-told tale that I enjoyed reading.  I can understand Finn's fears and his desire to keep Lupa safe.  He manages that despite the odds.

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