Thursday, March 19, 2015

Die Again (Rizzoli & Isles #11) by Tess Gerritsen

This is the story of a psychotic murderer.  He looks and acts like a normal person but you don't want to see his lair...

Ballentine Books and Net Galley allowed me to read and review this book (thank you).  It has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Don't read this unless you want to be scared.  Just the idea of travelling to Africa on a safari is enough to make me nervy.  When one of your fellow travellers is a predator, it's even worse.

Rizolla and Isles are investigating a murder in Boston.  A man has died an ugly death.  He's a taxidermist who does excellent work and has many trophies on his wall.  Now he's been strung up and gutted like one of the animals he hunted.  Who would do this?

The group in Botswana comes with its own problems.  They have a guide, a tracker, and five tourists in the group.  There are two young women, a young man who met them and came with them, and a couple.  The couple are arguing and eventually agree that their relationship is over.  Richard is flirting with the girls.  Millie talks quietly to their guide.  And when people start to die, they think it's the wild animals getting them.

As they research the dead man, they find out his son was on this safari from years ago.  He went missing.  When they check, they find they all have gone missing except for one survivor.  Then they start turning up other parties killed in a similar style in the woods in the states.  Who eviscerates their victims and why?  Also, whoever killed the taxidermist also stole the snow leopard skin he was working on.  To sell or?

Millie survives only by her will to live.  The killer would like to find her to finish off the last witness.  When they ask her to come to states to identify the killer, she says no.  But after talking to them, she decides she must at least attempt to stop this monster.  

I was glued to this book.  It was a good mystery that had horrible deaths and it ended with justice finally served.  I liked this one, but I enjoy reading about Rizzoli and Isles.  They make a good team for the most part.  This book is the best I've read so far.

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