Thursday, October 2, 2014

#2 Jack and the Wild Life by Lisa Doan (Author), Ivica Stevanovic (Illustrator)

Jack did not want to go another trip with his parents.  Not again, not ever.  Just like usual, they aren't listening to him...

Lerner Publishing Group and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It was published September 1st, so you can get a copy at your local bookstore now.  You might want to grab the first one in this series, too.  Young readers will love them.

Jack and his parents always have zany adventures where Jack gets left behind somewhere and must survive on his own.  They're silly, funny, and have lots happening.  It's all good reading when you're just learning to read chapter books.

This time his folks are going to move to Africa and create their own village for the public to experience living like the natives.  The fact that there will be no electricity or bathrooms doesn't phase them.  They actually expect people to catch their own game and cook it.  (Not me!)

Of course, before they even get started, they manage to offend a water buffalo, who charges the jeep.  When Jack and the supplies fall out, the parents take off to get to safe place and leave him up in the tree he climbed.  They say they'll circle around and return for him.  Sure thing...

Jack all kinds of encounters with the wild life, spends days in the tree, and his parents do all their idiotic things again.  These people can't walk without causing trouble.  Poor Jack.

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