Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Death Is Forever by Maxine O'Callaghan

Delilah just cannot accept her husband Jack's death.  She was there, she saw him get shot, but she went to pieces when it happened and can't identify the killer.  That doesn't mean she just let his death go; it means it will be harder to find the perpetrator.

Brash Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

Delilah is no weak-kneed woman; she's made of steel.  Her heart may be broken, but she's got PI skills and she's going to use them.  Nothing she finds out changes anything, though.  It's like she's spinning her wheels.  So when another case comes up where a father wants his wayward daughter brought home, she takes it.  It's better than going nowhere.

When she hangs out in the area where the daughter is supposed to be hiding, she gets a phone call telling her where the daughter is.  When she wakes up again, she's on the floor.  And the man in the bed next to her is dead.  The worst part?  He's the killer she couldn't identify.

With cops bothering her and Jack's case still unsolved, she's got a lot to think about.  She skips out of her apartment and goes on the run, avoiding the cops.  That works for a bit, but the original killer wants her out of his life and he's not willing to show any mercy.

This is a taut mystery with plenty of action.  You feel Delilah's pain and itch for closure on Jack's case.  You watch selfish people get their just rewards.  And you'll want to read more about Delilah.  She's still a PI with a broken heart and will have more cases.  

I've already got the next book here and am looking forward to it.  Why don't you catch up with me?

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